The flame point Siamese is less common than other colours, but it is not a rare breed of cat.

8 kg or 6-17 lbs.

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However, this depends on the age of the kitten and the breeder.

The Worlds Smallest Cat Was a Himalayan Named Tinker Toy. 75 of all Flame Point Siamese Cats are Male; Temperament & Intelligence of the Flame Point Siamese Cat. Representing decades of careful blending of American Siamese with 17 Australian, British & New Zealand Siamese imported bloodlines.

Most Flame Point kittens start out being a very light color beige or white and their.

Though this is a relatively straightforward question, its not easy to get a definite answer for this. . .

But if both the parents a real Siamese cats, the price would easily reach a staggering 2000. .

However, on average, a flame point ragdoll is likely to cost between 600 and 1,200.

Citrus Heights, CA.

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They are scarce and difficult to find. .

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Tresor Cats. Mar 27, 2023 The Average Cost of a Siamese Kitten. .

Theyre all thoroughly tested before being sold, and they must test negative for all major diseases and genetic defects. Furthermore, the formal recognition of the Siamese cat drives up the price, and adding a rare trait like the flame point coloring drives the price up even further. Madison Muskopf iStock via Getty Images. Jan 16, 2023 How Much Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Cost. Suitable for Low-energy households, apartments, houses, families with kids, singles, elderly. The Flame Point Ragdoll Cat is the Cat Fanciers Association term for Ragdolls that are red or orange in color, just like a candle flame.

In some places, it can be even higher though depending on the area and breeder that youre checking into.

Flame Point Snowshoe Siamese kittens for sale for sale in Renton Washington 200 Share it or review it. The exact cost will depend upon where you are, whether anyone else is breeding flame point cats locally, whether the kittens parents hold any show titles, etc.



A show quality cat may cost substantially more.

This is driven by their rarity and how hard they are to get hold of.

The Flame Point Ragdoll (aka the Red Ragdoll) is one of the largest cat breeds in existence.